2018 Frozen Chosen

It’s that time of year. The 2018 Frozen Chosen is just around the corner. This match will be five stages including one classifier shot almost all outside no matter the snow level or cold. This is our largest match every year. Competition will be feirce will you brave the snowy cold to bring home the win? We will have complimentary hot dogs and coffee on site to keep everyboy fueled up and going. At the end of the match we will be presenting plaques to all the division winners. One could be yours! Preregistration is now open via PractiScore.
What: 2018 Frozen Chosen
Where: Hampden Rifle and Pistol Club
286 Meadow Rd
Hampden, ME
When: January 1, 2018 registration starts at 9:00am with first shots at 10:00am.
Cost: $25
Why: Because what better way to ring in the New Year!

11/19 USPSA Match

Shooting outside tomorrow is a total no go, so here’s what we’re going to do. I plan to move the match to the indoor range where we will still do a special classifier. There will be three stages all Standards courses totaling 50 rounds. the classifiers will be CM03-11, CM03-08 and CM03-02. Match fee will be $20. Same start time.

November Special Classifier

Sunday November 19th we will be wrapping up this years season with a Special Classifier. This match will be five stages, all classifiers. Match fee will be $30. Registration opens at 8:45am first shots at 9:30am. Pre registration is open via PractiScore.
Come on out and join us!

October USPSA Match

We will be hosting our next monthly USPSA Match on October 29th. This match will be five stages with one classifier. In person registration starts at 8:30am and closes at 9:15am. First shots at 9:30am. Match fee is $20. Preregistration is open via PractiScore.
Note: Some may notice this is a change of date. We moved the match to avoid conflict with a local club. Spread the Word!
See you all on the range.

Steel Challange

We will be having a SCSA match at the club on 9/17. The match will be four stages with a round count of 100. In person registration starts at 8:30. Safety meeting at 9:15 with first shots shortly after. Match fee is $20. Preregistration can be done via PractiScore.

Tomorrow’s USPSA Match

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure everyone knows the USPSA is driven by its volunteers. We at HRPC have been very lucky over the years to have a great core group of volunteers to lend a hand. As volunteers we also live other lives outside of the sport including work and family. Earlier in the month many of you may have noticed we move the match from this Sunday to this Saturday. I did that to avoid a conflict I had in scheduling. Unfortunately I have also run into another conflict involving work that will not allow me to do this match. After consulting my co Match directors they have the same conflicts. This leaves me with the unfortunate necessity to cancel this match. I would like to thank everyone who is showing interest in this match and has already signed up to shoot. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped us put these matches on. I greatly appreciate you supporting HRPC and our program. I hope you will all join us in the future.

Thank you,
Neal Merrill
HRPC Match Director

Please spread the word to everyone you know might be coming. I would hate to have someone travel far for nothing.