Tomorrow’s USPSA Match

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure everyone knows the USPSA is driven by its volunteers. We at HRPC have been very lucky over the years to have a great core group of volunteers to lend a hand. As volunteers we also live other lives outside of the sport including work and family. Earlier in the month many of you may have noticed we move the match from this Sunday to this Saturday. I did that to avoid a conflict I had in scheduling. Unfortunately I have also run into another conflict involving work that will not allow me to do this match. After consulting my co Match directors they have the same conflicts. This leaves me with the unfortunate necessity to cancel this match. I would like to thank everyone who is showing interest in this match and has already signed up to shoot. Also a big thank you to everyone who helped us put these matches on. I greatly appreciate you supporting HRPC and our program. I hope you will all join us in the future.

Thank you,
Neal Merrill
HRPC Match Director

Please spread the word to everyone you know might be coming. I would hate to have someone travel far for nothing.